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Marin, Marie-France

Ph. D. Neuroscience

Researcher, Research Center, Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal 

Professeure-chercheure  adjointe, department of psychiatry, University of Montreal


Phone: 514 251-4015, poste 3280

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Research Axis

Neurobiology and Cognition

Research Themes

Fear conditioning and fear extinction; intergenerational transmission of fear; stress; stress hormones; post-traumatic stress disorder; anxiety disorders.


Marie-France Marin’s research aims to better understand the intergenerational transmission of fear, through vicarious learning.  Dr. Marin wants to study this phenomenon in children of parents suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety disorders, in order to identify mechanisms through which a heightened vulnerability to psychopathology could be transmitted. Her work aims to better understand factors influencing the emotional development, with a particular focus of fear and fear regulation. This could ultimately lead to the optimization of preventive interventions in children of at-risk families. To do so, Dr. Marin uses fear conditioning paradigms as well as psychophysiological measures (skin conductance responses, heart rate, heart rate variability, electromyography of facial muscles).

Dr. Marin is also interested in examining the impact of stress and stress hormones on fear extinction. By using psychoneuroendocrinology protocols, she wants to better understand conditions in which stress and stress hormones can facilitate or impair fear extinction learning and consolidation, both in laboratory and therapy settings. 


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