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Mendrek, Adrianna

Ph. D., Neurosciences

Researcher, Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal Research Center

Associate professor, Department of psychology, Bishop University


Areas of expertise

Schizophrenia; Sex and Mental Health; Neuroimagering; Cognition; Addiction


    Adrianna Mendrek is interested in sex and gender factors that influence mental illness, as well as cognitive and emotional processes using neuroimaging technique. A. Mendrek is working with patients with schizophrenia, autism, attention disorders and drug addiction. She has shown in particular that brain activation is much greater in schizophrenic men when exposed to an emotional task, than in women.

    For more information: http://www.iforum.umontreal.ca/Forum/2005-2006/20060410/R_2.html

    Grants and awards

    • Bases neurocognitives des comportements suicidaires et homicidaires dans la schizophrénie : une étude pilote d’imagerie cérébrale fonctionnelle (chercheure principale, Bishop's University Senate Research Committee, 2014-2015).
    • Sex differences and menstrual-cycle modulation of the cognitive enhancing effect of nicotine (chercheure principale, Réseau de bio-imagerie du Québec, 2013-2014).
    • The clinical and biological correlates of cannabis craving in schizophrenia, and its treatment with trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (Co-Investigator, CIHR, 2010-2011).
    • The contribution of gender and estrogen to sex differences in neural correlates of cognitive and emotion processing in schizophrenia (Principal Investigator, CIHR, 2009-2011).
    • Brain mechanisms involved in the implementation of a self-regulatory task in children with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity disorder (ADD / ADHD) and typical children (Principal Investigator, FRQS, 2009-2010).
    • The neurocognition of emotional memory: A combined ERP and fMRI (Co-Investigator, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 2008-2013).
    • Research Scholar, Junior 2 (FRQS, 2012-2014).
    • Research Scholar, Junior 1 (FRQS, 2005-2009).



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