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Who can participate?

It is possible for any user of the Institut universitaire en santé de Montréal’s clinical services (including the hospital’s outpatient clinics) to participate in the Signature Data and Biological Materials Bank. Study participants will be recruited :    

  • when they are admitted to the Institut universitaire en santé de Montréal’s emergency department or inpatient unit 
  • when they are transferred to a hospital outpatient clinic or
  • when they are referred directly to an outpatient clinic from the evaluation-liaison module (MEL).

Why should I take part?

The benefits derived from your participation in the Signature Bank are mainly communal in nature, in the sense that the Bank will make it possible to advance mental health research and improve the care and services provided to Institut universitaire en santé de Montréal users.

The Signature Bank promotes participants’ involvement in their own treatment and care by providing their psychiatrist and clinical treatment team an access to their data.


What does participating mean?

Your participation in the Bank involves answering psychosocial questionnaires for about one hour. These tests relate to various aspects of mental health and feature questions concerning, for example, sleep, anxiety and depression. They are tests which are currently used in the field of psychiatry. You answer the questions directly on an IT device (iPad), with the help of the research nurse if needed.

To link your questionnaire responses with your medical condition, you authorize your attending psychiatrist to input two types of medical data into the Signature Bank: your diagnosis and the medication you have been prescribed. You also authorize the research nurse to consult your medical file if your attending physician is unable to input the two data items into the Signature Bank him/herself due to the demands of his/her workload.

Also for the purpose of linking your questionnaire responses to your medical condition, your participation means that the Signature Bank coordinator may request data from the Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec about your use of public medical services during the two years before taking part in the Signature Bank. This information will be requested only one time, after completing your participation in the Signature Bank. 

The requested information will relate to your various physical and mental illness diagnoses in the previous two years, as well as the medications prescribed to you for these illnesses and any medical complications that you may have experienced in the previous two years. It is agreed that those responsible may only use the information related to your Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec file for the research project’s stated objectives. 

You will provide samples of blood (equivalent to around 2.5 tablespoons), hair (20 strands) and saliva. These will be stored in the Signature Bank. The nurse will also record your blood pressure, weight and waist size.

The process of filling out psychosocial questionnaires and giving samples will take place from one (1) to four (4) times while you are receiving care at the hospital and being monitored as an outpatient, based on when you begin participating in the Signature Bank. If you begin while in emergency, the process will be repeated four (4) times. If you begin while being monitored as an outpatient, the process will be repeated two (2) times. Each time, the research nurse will ask if you are still willing to take part in the Signature Bank.


Samples of your biological materials as well as your medical and psychosocial data will be stored in a strictly confidential manner. For this reason, your data will be anonymized.

Anonymization involves replacing identifiable personal information with a code. The management technician in charge of the database and the Bank coordinator—and no one else—maintain and have secure access to the confidential list. This list will never be disclosed to researchers. All data and biological materials from the Bank will be provided to researchers in anonymized form.


Resource person

The Management Committee and Coordinating Committee are the two bodies responsible for the Signature Bank’s operation, and any questions or feedback may be addressed to them via the Bank coordinator, who sits on both committees. 

For more information about the Bank or to notify us of your withdrawal, please contact :

Nathe François
Bank Coordinator
514 251-4000, ext.3796